Neoprene · Silicone · EPDM · SBR · Buna/Nitrile · Viton · Sponge Rubber

Solid rubber and sponge rubber products make up a large portion of the non-metal products we can produce at Die-Cut Products. These materials offer a wide variety of sealing applications in a versatile range of thickness, temperature ranges, and density offerings.

All of our materials can be offered with ADHESIVE BACKING, and in many cases the mill who produces the material can apply this during the curing process. However when that is not the case, we can apply your PSA backing right here in-house. We work with all adhesive products, from 3M, Avery, MACtac and more!

We offer both SOLID RUBBER as well as SPONGE RUBBER materials. Below is just a sampling of some of the polymers we work with, and a brief description of their applications.

NEOPRENE is noted for a unique combination of properties, which has led to its use in thousands of applications in diverse environments.

EPDM provides superior properties for outdoor and high temperature applications.

NITRILE (also known as BUNA) is the polymer of choice for applications requiring oil and solvent resistance.

VITON® (Fluoroelastomer / Fluorocarbon) was originally introduced 50 years ago to meet the needs of the aerospace industry for a high-performance elastomer. Viton® is the most specified fluoroelastomer for fuel system seals, expansion joints and gaskets.

SILICONE rubber can withstand a wider range of temperature extremes than nearly all other elastomers, remaining viable from -75°F to +500°F.

SBR is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene and has properties similar to NATURAL RUBBER. It has good abrasion resistance, excellent impact strength, very good resilience and a high tensile strength. The temperature range of SBR is -40˚F to 180˚F. SBR can be compounded for use as lining rubber, conveyor belt covers and other extremely demanding applications.

We also offer CLOSED CELL SPONGE RUBBER (expanded rubber) products in the materials listed above, as well as many others. This is only a PARTIAL list of our offerings; please contact us for your exact needs!