Our metal stamping & fabrication division supplies quality products around the world. These precision products are used in a variety of applications, from electrical contacts in the Aerospace & Defense industries, to shims within a fluid pump in a Heathcare & Medical device.

We can stamp metal and non-metal products in any custom configuration you desire. We provide precision stamping, fine blanking & piercing, lancing & forming, deep draw and other metal working options, all under one roof. And with our extensive network of metal finishing vendors, parts can be provided to you complete, with finishing such as passivation, CAD plate, or whatever your needs may be.

For a list of many of the metallic materials we can provide, check out the METALLIC materials page.

Our production facility lends itself to short, medium, and long runs, and can supply shims ranging in size from .125″ diameter up to 80″ diameter. Due to our large inventory of stock dies, cut-outs, slots, keyways and irregular shapes can be produced in many cases without tooling charges. Contact us today!