Gaskets are seals, or space fillers, between two mating surfaces. Their goal is typically to prevent leaks (water, air, etc) using compression to maintain their seal. Most gaskets have some give or “yield” to allow them to seat properly against both surfaces. Due to variations in surfaces, gaskets often become a necessity in a wide range of applications.

Our full complement of manual and automated presses and wide range of die systems ensure cost effective, high quality parts with quick, realistic deliveries. Our facility lends itself to short, medium and long production runs. Be sure to check out our extensive list of CAPABILITIES or drop us an inquiry. We’ve been providing gaskets for over a half-century, so chances are good we can help.

We provide gaskets across all markets, from PORON® urethane foams, to NEOPRENE rubber, and everything in between. Please visit the MATERIALS page for a list of many of the materials we work with.

If you need materials laminated together, adhesive backing applied, or just a specialty material die-cut into your custom shape, we’re here to help. No job is too small and no material too exotic for Die Cut Products!