Copper alloys are metal alloys that have copper as their principal component. They have high resistance against corrosion, and have excellent hot and cold workability and good forgeability. Copper also has great solderability.  It is often used for welding fixtures, anodes, bus bar in electrical power installations, ground straps, commutators and current carrying hardware. Its inherent fabrication qualities readily permit it to be bent, soldered, drilled, peened, riveted and formed to fit almost any design specification. 

We offer copper stampings, electrical contacts, shims and precision stamping in thicknesses ranging from 0.001″ up to 0.250″ in many grades.  Most commonly, we supply CDA 110 Copper in Half Hard temper.  We stock a broad spectrum of copper grades, types and tempers for your custom fabrication needs.  All materials are available with full chemical and physical test reports right from the mill, providing melt and heat/lot data.  Need DFARS-compliant material?  We offer that too!

Benefits of Copper

Copper offers excellent resistance to seawater corrosion and biofouling, but it is susceptible to erosion-corrosion at high water velocities. The high-copper alloys are primarily used in applications that require enhanced mechanical performance, often at slightly elevated temperature, with good thermal or electrical conductivity. Processing for increased strength in the high-copper alloys generally improves their resistance to erosion-corrosion.

Copper is durable, as well as flexible. At its true state, copper is very hard to crack or break. You can bend, stretch, and shape copper into anything you want without cracking or damaging it.

Die-Cut Products stocks a variety of copper grades and tempers.  If you have a specialty need for a grade or temper Copper not listed here please let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Applications & Industries

Copper is frequently used for electric contacts & components, shims, washers, spring clips, and spacers.    Just a few of the industries where these types of copper parts are used include:

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Military and Defense Equipment
  • Fluid Processing Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Architectural
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Compressors
  • Petrochemical
  • HVAC

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