Die Cutting

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As our name suggests, we provide DIE CUTTING of various materials. But did you know that we can also apply ADHESIVE BACKING to essentially every product we make?

For nearly a century, Die-Cut Products has been providing the world with high quality gaskets die cut from materials such as Silicone Rubber, Mylar / Polyester Film, Nylon, Fishpaper, Nomex, and more. While we have grown over the years to add other capabilities, our focus remains strong towards the die cutting market’s needs.

We offer low-cost laser-cut tooling with prototype part options, sometimes available within just days! Our wide-ranging material experience allows us to answer your application questions with the knowledge you need to take your part from “print” to “production” all under our single roof.

Material slitting, converting, laminating and even rotary kiss-cutting facilities allow us to provide your gasket requirements in any material. Specialty packaging? Assembly? No problem! At Die-Cut Products we ship your product in a complete state, ready for assembly or installation the moment it reaches your door.